Drawing Request Show e250 Recap

June 21, 2017

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As of this post, all art is sent! Thanks so much to all the Requesteers and new faces that came out and made episode of 250 of Drawing Request Show a very very memorable one! We ended up with a new hall of fame record for total donations in a single stream, and a new record for highest single donation in any stream. We had 7 giveaways ( 6 Tip Goal Giveaways where we gave away a free drawing and 1 Follower Goal giveaway with the game of fate wheel ).  Had a special 2.50 alert for anybody who tipped 2.50, they got a special alert that celebrated episode 250 and also they got 5.00 put in their retainer. Enjoy those guys! Thanks to everyone and we'll do it again tomorrow. Doing either inks or colors tomorrow at 10am, haven't decided yet. And drawing at 2pmEDT! 

From me, Kiwii and Wally, thank you so much for supporting this stream and keeping that butter on our bread and a little fish on the side. Couldn't do this without you guys!

Also funny moment today I screen captured where I was drawing a demon woman character and the donation amount was almost exactly 666 lol. What are the ODDS?!

A highlight from this afternoon's stream - was a very fun day. cant wait to get back to it tomorrow! 10am - see everyone on twitch at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

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