Drawing Request Show 298 Recap

September 6, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #illustration #inkscape #characterart #chibi #landscape

As of this post, all art sent! Today we inked all morning and drew requests all afternoon! Today Drawing Request Show hit its 900th follow goal! Unbelivable! This 100 follow milestone unlocks new exciting options for the stream next week! Be sure to vote on the straw poll when it goes live! Thank you so much to all the new Followers welcome aboard the drawing train! Look forward to drawing for you! We just hit 890 yesterday!? What is happening? This is a 3 day stream week coming off Monday's Labor Day holiday and then Friday I'm taking the day off for my birthday! See you guys tomorrow for the last day of drawing madness this week!! I decided to push forward and maintain working on folks drawing requests and commission upgrades but who knows what will happen. The most exciting thing about streaming is you can plan this or plan that, but when you hit 'Start Streaming' you never know what the trends will be and what is going to take place! From support trains to raids to crazy giveaways. See you tomorrow! And be sure to vote for your unlocked stream reward! We'll do the winning item on episode 300 of DRS on Monday!

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