EW Reviews: Star Trek Discovery Premier

September 25, 2017

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Please excuse the typos and such. This is just written gonzo style off the cuff:

Kristina and I watched the premier of this last night. Have to say ... its the most beautiful visually show on TV ive seen maybe ever. From the beautiful graphic design of the intro to the movie-level top notch visuals and you can tell the design department behind everything in this movie poured their heart and soul in it visually.

On the negative, dont they have more lights on that ship? I always liked how it was bright on the brigdge/ cooridors of the enterprise etc. And though i applaud the redesign of the look of the Klingons, im always going to prefer the original designs.from STNG and DP9 and so forth. Also im really not sure what era this is supposed to be as it feels like NEXT GENERATION of the jj abrahams kirk reboot movies.

On more high notes the personalities and exchanges between the characters ( the ones you got to hear lines from) are good and get you into the characters. Theres a BBT sheldon-type alien, a wise asian captain and a soldier-like aggressive first officer. The other characters just sorta fade into the back as generic officers. The pace of the story grabs you and pulls you along for the ride, which I love.  It'd be very binge-worthy pull you along episode to episode if not for being on cbs which has a commercial every 2 minutes ( seems like ). It seems its just the premier on Sunday night and the rest will be on 'cbs all access' on roku/ mobile devices? .... so basically wont watch the rest of it for that alone.

Thats two epic space series ( orville and discovery )_ that were like 'hey something cool on Sunday nights finaly' then turns out they're getting moved to Thursday which im sure will conflict with shows i already rather watch or be on a service we dont get or have any desire to get. but it was pretty likeable if you ignore the continuity of all the previous series and maybe even the jj abrahams movies? i really dont know where this fits in but was a gorgeous looking space drama that sucked you in with not a single moment of going ' ah well they cheaped out on those effects'... hellll no.

Rating: B+

If it was on netflix or a service people actually use, or just on CBS every Sunday i'd totaly be on board. I dont' like completely alienating long time fans with redesigns and breaking full continuity. But i suppose fans of the jj abrahams series will be ok with it. Also lights on the bridge please? How do they see to operate that ship.
I love the little drop ships for going out and working on things, and the space suits and other things you just didnt see in the original continuities.

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