Daily Discipline: Inktober 03 - Blob

October 3, 2017

Subject 03 - The Blob

Subject 03 - The Blob ( Detail )

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"Subject 03 always enjoyed the fast-food the lab assistants used to sneak him. Now that he was out, he took the opportunity to head to the nearest fast-food restaurant. But ordering proved a problem as he couldn't see over the counter not to mention speak to order..."

Decided to switch to the form of inking and drawing I'm passionate about, drawing. So will be doing Inktober via digital inks in Inkscape going forward. I think the most important aspect is to have fun, create from the top of your head each day and develop that daily practice. Plus when somebody sees EWG's Inktober entries, I want them to be inspired, and at the very least be like ' ok, they're definitely bringing their Agame'

About 45 minutes in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro. 

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