Beyond The Mill: Fly Away Leonardo, Be Free!

October 9, 2017

My awesome mother in law got me this cool little usb-charging Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle heliball for my birthday. ( I'm a big TMNT fan if you didnt know, and enjoy the toys. ) Fired it up today... has one indication on the box that says 'Indoor Use'. Thats it. Was very oo and aaa and really neat and fun inside. After it ran into a few things, I thought i'd take it outside with Steven (my buddy from down the street who was visiting too ) to play with it with more room. Box said it goes up to 15 feet.  Fired it up and let it fly.

It kept getting higher and higher and higher.... a hawk did a fly by to check it out as it kept flying higher. Stevens mom watched with me as it flew higher and higher into the distance. It disappeared in a clowd heading to the other side of town. Probably end up in the next town.

Cool little drone! But... um... now I know why its for indoor use.

The mamma in law did good! Thanks for the toy! Sorry it flew away. Apparently you can get them in Five Below. I will have to pick up another LOL. But, um now I know. A warning 'warning, will fly the heck away'. Woulda been good. Also they're safe when they hit you in the face at full speed. Cause that happened so now I know.

We figured out that it has a bottom sensor so it can hover over anything within a foot or two. Apparently has a top sensor too ( face palm ).

You can also use any tv remote and hit the power button to get it to stop. Should have had one at the ready I guess.

But now the main regret is we didnt put our email or social tag on it so we could figure out where it ended up Lol.

We may never know.

Heres an ad for the toy to put a visual to it:

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