Best Of Request: Volume One - Pre Orders Starting Soon!

November 16, 2017

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Best Of Request: Volume One ... Collecting the drawings from the first year of Drawing Request Show with Eryck Webb's commentary along the way and much more! - Pre Orders Start Soon! 200 pgs of content! Stay tuned!

Dec 4th Revisions made to the Best Of Request Volume 1 book and new files back to the printers. Should be good to go now! Soon as I get proofs in a week or two if all is good I'll start a short presale run for the EW faithful. Thanks guys!

Nov 30th Came back with some issues. Apparently theres stuff in it that the printer wont print for legal reasons. So gotta cut out some stuff. Will probably knock it down a few pages but. I'm determined to get this book made! Stay tuned.

Nov 18th Best Of Request Volume One is finished and files are officially off to the printer!

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