Best Of Request Vol. 1 PreOrder - Ends 1/7/18

January 1, 2018


Best Of Request Vol. 1
Pre-Order Special

This book collects the majority of the warmup drawings, silly doodles, drawing requests and original stream content from Eryck Webb Graphics 'Drawing Request Show' on Twitch in the 2016 stream year! 

This is a one week Pre-Order Special ending January 7th 2018. 
Each book purchased in this special will be signed and include an original ink drawing inside the cover by Eryck Webb at no extra cost. Each drawing is up to Eryck and is considered part of the signature.

Manga Size
200 Black & White Interior Pages
Color Cardstock Glossy Cover

1 Copy of Best Of Request Vol. 1
$15.00 USD + $5 S/H United States
$15.00 USD + $15 S/H Everywhere Else


Missed out? Order Best Of Request Post-PreOrder here! 

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