Random Mecha Doodle - Sick Doodles

January 17, 2018

#mech #mecha #robot #sketchbook pro

so im slowly getting through a really bad flu. this has got to be the most stubborn and harsh flu ive ever had or can remember having. haven't felt much like creating at all since it hit me Sunday. but my brain and creativity needs entertained. we're also snowed in. so im taking time off of my regular creative streams and overall work to rest recover and regroup. i get a few hours of gaming in occasionally then usually wiped rest of the day. i can honestly say last-night it seems like my cold/ hot fever thats been dogging me for like two days straight finally took a hike. but now its just a grand expulsion of flem and the leftover nonsense from the battle against the flu.
anywho while im waiting for more mild weather to come this way tomorrow and into the weekend. i'm enjoying being snowed in and sick. gives me time to read new magazines, manga i got for christmas, and doodle as well as game.

looking forward to feeling 110% again and rocking the twitch socks.

for now i wait haha. im craving pizza hut pepperoni pizza something aweful. might have to brace against the winter and get some pizza!

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