Stream Drawings 2718 Recap - 3rd Year On Twitch Begins

February 8, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Thank you to everyone who came out and through down the love, support and encouragement today as we kickoff the third year on Twitch. I called it the 3 Year Anniversary but thats a bit ambiguous. Bottom line, is the second year is over, and the third year begins! And it started with an all day 'Wacky Wednesday' style stream. We mixed up the works by picking each next person I was drawing for randomly via raffle. Those who were actively present in chat and enjoying the stream got to get in the raffle and try their luck at being picked. Anybody who was picked got to have anything they're waiting for on the drawing list, the inks list or the colors list there and then. Jader made out well with a noir-style detective request only to get picked again later, and get that piece inked. Lynxie won twice and got two pieces colored. And a slew of drawings were had as well. 

Thank to everyone who supports me, enjoys the stream, and even just watches and never says a word in chat. I appreciate everything you guys do. I wouldn't be here ONE year without you. And I'm always happy to give back. See you at the next stream. Same drawing time ( 2pmET ) same drawing channel (


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