Daily Discipline: Beast Boy 72118

July 21, 2018

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A quick daily discipline to keep up the muscle memory/ practice during my weekend off between streams. Felt like drawing Beast Boy! I started off just doodling him randomly in Inkscape without reference. Then when I did the final pass I looked up reference and made changes to his costume along the way so it looks like him more. But just kinda made up the composition as i went. Fun stuff. All drawn and colored in Inkscape.

I gotta say. Saw the Titans trailer. Not impressed. Its all too dark. Hate the way they look and they are completely missing their child-to- adult spanning market by having Robin/ Nightwing cussing. I think its already a miss. Kinda like Iron Fist season 2 is supposed to fix all the problems with the Netflix version for the character so far. But nope, still not impressed after seeing the new teaser material. 

My favorite Teen Titans will always be this version, the Teen Titans and TT Go animations that I've been enjoying for the last decade or so. 

As for DC movies, the live action ones like Justice League, BvS and Man of Steel, as well as the Christopher Nolan Batmans and the coming 'Titans' just all miss the mark for me. Marvel continues to be capturing what we love about comics and super heroes on the big screen, and DC's best material is their animated features and shows. Love their animation. Justice League/ Unlimited, Batman series and TeenTitans/ Go - Young Justice etc etc. For DC, the animation is where I enjoy their characters the most. Marvel? I think they continue to fail as they always have with animation. They try again and again and except for the occasional well done Spiderman, they suffer from working with bad animations studios and/ or low animation budgets. But they continue to rock the cinemas, especially under Disney's ownership and their comics are top notch. I can take or leave the Netflix series but I enjoy them for what they are. 

Alright that's my rant. Trying to get the book done this weekend. Wanted to take time to keep the drawing practice up a bit. Back to work on Best of Request Volume 2 !! 

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