Drawing Request Show e617 71918 Recap

July 19, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreates #creative #drawing #inkscape @inkscape

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thank you very much for all the support today! I lost count of the gratitude spins, and the raids and the bits cheered. It was amazing. You guys keep the sauce flowing and the draws slinging! Thank you! Among that some how I as able to do 5 drawing requests and even a few Drawings That Were Perfect 4 U and a warm-up drawing. All in all not a bad day at all! See you folks tomorrow 10amET for more drawing!!!

I did have a mistake where while working on part 3 of a 3 part request for MinecraftArchitect90 I accidentally crashed inkscape and then went and did some giveaways and gratitude spins before i went and reopened inkscapes backup file and it got over ridden by a Drawing Thats Perfect 4 U ( oops ) that I did during the giveaways and gratitude spins but I took a screenshot from the stream today and will rock it out soon as Minecraft comes out tomorrow. On the house. I'm giving you your drawing time back on the list so you can have a drawing of anything you want after man. Thanks for being so awesome and patient!!!

Also my buddy SuppaRider is having $10 commissions live on twitch tomorrow - go follow his channel for more info!! ( https://www.twitch.tv/supparider

See you tomorrow same drawing time same drawing channel! 

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