EW Twitch Stream Recap 7618

July 6, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Masterlist updated! Check those whispers!

Thanks to the trEW crEW who came out early this morning for a morning edition of Drawing Request Show! It was around 930am and I was itchin to do some Drawing Request Show. Tempted by the idea of having the afternoon mostly off I loaded up fresh coffee, chiseled away the sleepy crust and got to drawing! We did Gratitude time every hour with new gratitude items, including winning extra sauce, new chroma thank yous and some classic ones added back for supporting me. Even spent an hour with no hat on cause somebody got to change my head gear. Them DLC stream contents tho.

Thanks for all the fun requests, check the instagram and deviantart links on this site ( top right of each page) to checkout latest additions to both image galleries.

EW is officially invoking summer hours starting next week! We're going be doing 3-4 hour stream every weekday morning 10am Eastern Time to 1pm Eastern Time. Mark your calenders!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be Drawing Request Show per normal.

Tuesday and Thursday will be DRS Upgrade Editions! I'll be working on inks and colors all day on those days.

See you monday on twitch for Drawing Request Show!!  10amEasternTime!!! 

There are still a few copies left of the limited print run of Best of Request Volume 1.
200 pages of EW drawings and other stream content including EW's commentary on the stream and the drawings all through the book! Get it in the EW shop!

Best of Request Volume 2 comes out this summer! ( very soon )

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