EW Twitch Stream Recap July 4th 2018

July 5, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent and masterlist updated! Thanks to all who have been coming out this week while most folks are on vacation for 4th of july week and in general for summer. I took the morning off for some 4th of july parade goodness here where we live. This town dont fool around for the 4th! They always do a 2-3 day celebration culminating in some epic fireworks july 4th night. Kristina and I got way overheated and sunburnt from the parade but really enjoyed it. 

The afternoon was spent cooling down getting some lunch, and streaming 4th of July style with the twitch population! Big ups to Adufresne99 for the amazing raid. Thank you for all the love. Picked one of her community via raffle to get a drawing request and they seemed to really enjoy that. Sent the love over to MoojiGaming when I was done. The 'Scrooge McDuck' piece was the first ever 666min Drawing Request ( aka untimed drawing). It is an item that can only be won. It gives 15minutes of yay or nay from the requester, and then after that I have free reign to finish it up with no time limit. Overall this item takes around 30 min plus or minus. There were other good sentimental pieces and 4th of july fueled pieces and shenannigans. Thanks for keeping me drawing! 

Kiwi and I watched a patriotic movie and had dinner in the cool AC and then after the sun went down ( with no effect on the nasty humidity mind you ) we joined our friends in our front yard to watch the fireworks go off at the park! 

Was super fun and I enjoyed the more low key holiday. We always try to host a barbque and grill and have everyone over and this was a nice change of pace. Honestly it would have been miserable to have everyone over. We would have had to just party inside most of the day or something. It was NOT nice out lol. Maybe next year it'll be better.
But now that the 4th is over... time to get back to the draws once again this afternoon!

See you 2pmET M-F on twitch for Drawing Request Show!!

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