EW Twitch Stream Week of 92218 Recap

September 22, 2018

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As of this post, all art from this week has been sent! Check those whispers!! Above is the pieces from Monday 9/17's stream - the first day trying a new stream format. Starting on this date, the stream got an updated screen layout, I added a sub goal giveaway to unlock in place of the now discontinued credit in bank for subs and resubs. After today's trial run I further minimized the types of giveaway raffles by discontinuing boss priority on requests for bit cheers.  Simplicity is the new goal here. Also this week I started streaming 6 hours to allow for the additional drawing, and to further compensate for the inclusion of inks and colors on the request list. Upgraded items ( drawing requests that are going to be inked or colored ) are put on list in chronological order, but are subject to a cool down after 15minutes of work on them to allow more pieces to be done in the given stream time. After a cool down of two other requests we come back around. If theres several upgrades in a row, we volley back and forth between 3 or 4 upgrades till we finish one then add a new piece. I am considering moving the cool down to 4 pieces instead of 2. With Subscriber Goals, Donation Goals and Bit Cheer Goals all unlocking a trip to the Wheel of Draws for giveaways, things simplified quite a bit and this format would continue rest of the week! We still do a Next Drawing Request Of The Stream raffle in middle of each stream, and a Last Drawing of the Stream at the end for all followers. The idea with these raffles is simply to allow two opportunities per stream with the single intention of getting you a drawing ahead of the ever growing list! Come out daily to try again! If you win both then you are immediately advised to go buy a lottery ticket cause its your lucky day. ;) 

Below are the rest of this week's drawing requests, ink requests and color requests we got done or in progress! See you guys Monday for more!

Above are the drawings, inks and colors from Tuesday 9/18!

Above are the drawings, inks and colors from Wednesday 9/19!

Above are the drawings, inks and colors from Thursday 9/20!

Above are the drawings, inks and colors from Thursday 9/21!

Thank you for the overwhelming support and encouragement from the trEW crEW members!! Big ups to Top 3 Supporters of the week: Request King ( Top D ) TheDorkKnightz, Request Champ (2nd Biggest D ) KingKoningTiger and the Request Boss ( Biggest Bit Cheerer ) Epelesker! This new format was very well received and worked well in every aspect. It will take a little fine tuning here and there but I dont foresee any changes in the near future. See you guys Monday to pick up where we left off on Friday - and I'll be working hard this weekend to get Best Of Request Vol. 2 out to the printer! 

See you next week for more live drawing action! Only on twitch!

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