An EWG Logo Wall Painting

October 9, 2018

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So today I decided to do something I had thinking about for a while. I decorated my studio wall with some artwork. I did the EWG logo with acrylic paint. Its the first time I've attempted painting any kind of wall art decoration and it was a lot of fun. I was a bit intimidated to do it, but once you break the ice you basically have nowhere to go but forward. I really enjoyed the effect of the rich smooth black parts after laying in all the white and orange under painting. Its a neat new edition to my studio, and will inspire me and remind me of the business and brand I've built over the years. I want to take it further but will need more paint. The face logo begs for me to replicate stream emotes, shapes and random characters and objects into the mix bursting out from the logo. I love that this goes behind / above my studio couch, for when I'm thinking, resting and absorbing inspiration from my many artbooks, comics and sketchbooks. While it didn't come out perfect, I'm pretty happy with my first attempt EVER, and would love to do more in the future. 

I started by figuring out the size and painting a first layer of white that everything will go ontop of

I did several pplications of white and orange to prep the under painting. I used loose orange for sketching in the different parts. I originally was going to just do the logo, and was afraid to deviate outside of that. But then got bold and a creative burst added the fading out orange background

the blacks went on so crisp and smooth over the light underpainting - it really came together with the blacks

while not exactly like the logo it was close enough and i like the graffiti-esque look

eventualy i could see that whole section of the wall filled with objects and shapes and additional items to add to the logo

Brings a personal touch to my creative command center. it was neat to be in such a big version of my logo, and working on it. i was reminded of all the ways the business has changed over the years and all the clients and projects that have come and gone.

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