Best of Request Volume 2 is off to the printer!

October 13, 2018

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It's been a work in progress, a labor of love, and a challenging effort since spring of this year, but I'm happy to finaly say, that Best Of Request Volume 2 is off to the printer! It's all finished... FINALLY. Featuring 250 pages ( 50 more than Volume One ), 100s of drawings, stream almanac and record book, several contributed written pieces, commentary on the 2017 stream year and the drawings throughout the book, full color cover action, and a blank page for personalizing and signing each copy for those who purchase that option. All of this... is now on its way to print land. Thank you very much to my wife for your understanding with all the long hours, thanks to those trEW crEW members for all your encouragement and enthusiasm waiting for the book, and thank you to everyone who allows me to wake up every day and do what i love to do for a living. This second book, much less the one before it, would not be possible without you guys. Thank you for making this book possible, and for supporting me, my family and my drawing dreams. And for not unfollowing and unsubbing when I kept blowing past intended production deadlines. This thing was massive and I underestimated the work that would go into it.... but it is now DONE.

After everything checks out with the printer we will launch the PreOrder and celebrate the release on Stream! There will be several PreOrder options and all PreOrders get extra stuff with their purchases.

Stay tuned!

* Flops and exhales. *

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