Inhouse Art: TMNTurkeys 2018 - Happy Thanksgiving from EWG!

November 22, 2018

#tmnt #turkeys #tmnturkeys #thanksgiving #pilgrims #natives #nativeamericans #ninjaturtles #gobblegobble

Eryck Webb Graphics presents this year's Thanksgiving Marauding Native Turkeys. Everyone here at the EWG mill, would like to wish everyone a wonderful day of giving thanks, celebrating another year beginning to wrap up and appreciation to all our individual blessings we're fortunate enough to have. We're thankful for doing what we love for a living, and all those who make it possible. From the support of family, the encouragement of friends, to the generous support of clients and fans, to the folks who follow Eryck Webb's websites and watch his Twitch streams every day. Thank you everyone! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and enjoy those turkeys! If you can defeat one... GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!

Drawn over the course of a couple days, 100% in sketchbook pro on Samsung Galaxy Book 12 with a Wacom Bamboo Smart Stylus and Wacom Keyboard

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