Stream Notes: 11918 Week Wrap Up

November 9, 2018

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Thank you everyone for a great week of streaming and creating. I'm going to keep this short cause I have to head out to visit family this weekend, but I got a couple highlights and notes to mention!

1. We hit our goal on upgrades this week! All November I will be putting an emphasis on finishing supporter's ink and color upgrades on their drawings. Drawing Request sketches come first, but we still have managed to get a lot done. Right now M-F my goal is to get 3 upgrades done a day with drawing requests mixed around it all. We got 3 done each day this week, in fact we got an extra one done on Wednesday!! So I'm very happy about that.

2. Best Of Request Volume Two preorder is over! Its all been taken down and disabled. BoRVol1 and Vol2 which were both available during the preorder are now sold out! The order has been placed and the printer is officially getting started on the books! Thank you to everyone who bought a book or a bundle of both books! The books will be done and delivered here in EWG HQ the first week of December and I will have them all sketched, signed and packaged and shipped by the end of that week! That's right. Lots of sauce filled books under all the Christmas trees this year (and Hanukkah, Yuletide and Kwanzaa trees as well. ) 

Thanks for all the drawing requests, the upgrades, the priorities, the kind words, the hype and the encouragement this week! All art sent, check your whispers! See you Monday!

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