Stream Notes: Thanks for a great week streaming and drawing on Twitch!

December 14, 2018

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Thanks for another fun week of streaming, drawing, and goofing around. There are a lot of favorite moments this week, and a few announcements/ updates that I thought I'd try to hit on on this end of week recap/ note entry.

First and foremost, I am overwhelmed and encouraged by all the new faces hanging out in chat this week. Really great to meet all of you and look forward to drawing for you / streaming for you more soon! We hit our sub goal and follow goal this week, and even exceeded it. Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen!

As announced on stream, Upgrades will remain open and you can keep adding things to the list as we go. I'll forge ahead and take care of the oldest of each individual's upgrade list first with new ones towards the end. I am officially calling a no-guarantee if anybody wants some Christmas art done in-time for the holiday. We're almost a week away and that window has closed. But I believe I got all the existing Christmas related requests wrapped. ( Pun, get it? ). But I look forward to continuing to chop away at that Upgrades backlog into the new year! 

As updated on stream today, I let everyone know that Best Of Request Volume 2 books are about halfway done as far as signing/sketching and packing for shipment. The other half is still being delivered. I had not revealed to customers till today that the other half was sitting in the void of the USPS in Florida and its tracking number / info hadn't changed in over a week. While I was hoping that would resolve itself, Ka-Blam was good enough to speed through a reprint and ship a new batch out. So for now, I will consider it still a 30 copy limited run. But if that 15 that got lost in Florida ever materializes, there will be a sudden 45, and I'll stick the inventory in the shop. Volume One had a 40 copy run and still had some copies left over for the BoRVol2 preorder. It worked out that there were enough to meet the order of the folks who ordered Vol1 and Vol2, so no new Vol1s were printed. So why does this matter? Only cause each book is numbered. Vol1 is # out of 40, and Vol2 is #out of 30. I will be working overtime this weekend getting all the books ready to ship for next week. I anticipate getting the new batch of 15 tomorrow and adding them to the assembly line. Admittedly, the struggle with the second half of BoRVol2 sort of derailed my ambition on getting the first half done and ready to ship this week. But I plan on pushing through that this weekend, especially when the second half gets here. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to support, and encourage me to keep streaming and drawing live for the masses. I really appreciate all of you. This is my full time job, so thank you for allowing it to be possible. From me and Kiwii and Wally, thank you!

Because of all of you, I am already working on a Volume 3 of Best Of Request - and new merch to keep the crEW happy with!

See the crEW and all that are new, next week! Have a great and safe weekend!

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