BoR Volume 3 Layout Has Officially Begun

January 6, 2019

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As of this post, my new book has officially started the layout phase. Got all the files I want to use processed now its off to building it! I got close to 2000 random sketch and drawing and non-applicable image files whittled down to the 600-700 best. Its a year book of sorts collecting all the drawings and stream content from the last year of Drawing Request Show into one volume. Best of Request Volume 3 will be a faithful continuation of the series you enjoyed with the first two volumes. I can't believe I'm on the third one already! Not to mention I'm already started on my 4th year as a full-time streamer. Cool beans! Going forward I'll nail down the layout on all the spreads. I'm keeping the book around 200 pages this time of the truly best drawings. Then I'll add any copy I'm going to put in it and get it edited and finished up for pre-orders in spring. Stay tuned to the EWG website for updates and sneak peaks of the book as it develops!

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