DRS 2019 Highlights Eps 3: Jan14 - Jan18 : A Sauce Odyssey

January 19, 2019

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Happy to share with you the highlights and favorite drawing moments from the past week: Jan 14 - Jan 18! Thank you to the crew and the rest of you that makes this streaming, drawing dream a reality! See you Monday for more Drawing Request Show action, live on Twitch!

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Edit 1/23/2018 - A song on the video was causing it to be overall blocked in all countries. I had the youtube editor just mute that segment and it worked out fine. Ironically they still kept a fragment of it on?! Whatever. Its about 35 minutes in and the problem track was ACDC Back In Black. You can still hear a bit of it but the middle part is blocked. Whatever works! I'm sorry to say I didnt realize the video was blocked to everyone else except for me when I was logged into my YouTube account until yesterday. Problem fixed! And happy to say eps4 for this week is 3/5ths of the way compiled already. I do a bit every day after each stream. Learning from my mistakes. Get better with every recap. Tally ho!!!!

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