New Eryck Webb Twitch Channel Emotes are LIVE!!

January 28, 2019

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As of this post, 25 new BTTV emotes and 3 new SUB emotes are live for 2019! Since the holidays, I've been brainstorming and narrowing down new emote designs for the channel. Now I'm happy to announce that we can start using them!! 

There were many ideas that I would have loved to use as well, but there are only so many spots. Even in the final stages, I swapped out an emote for one I thought would be better to have in the chat. I even found dual purposes for kiwi, sister and wally emotes to get more emote choices in there. They double as HeyGuys, Cute/Adorbs and Thinking/Hmm emotes. 

While I see one or two I'd like to maybe replace/ redo in the future, I'm ultimately very happy with the new style of emotes. I think they will be very fun for the crew to use in the chat and I'm sure they'll find all kinds of new pairings and combinations to use to express themselves. While I had originally  planned to redo/ replace all the emotes with new looking versions, I decided I preferred some of the existing ones and ultimately kept them. These are the eryckw1 sub emote, and the hand gesture emotes.

While most are updates of existing emotes to the current cartoon Eryck Webb chibi style, there are also a few new additions this time around. New, never before seen emotes include ewGIFT, ewSISTER, ewCRYBABY, ewDABB, ewTRUE, ewHYPE and ewFAIL. 

Thank you very much for those who checkout these updates, EWG notes, and other blog posts. I'd also like to thank everyone who follows and interacts on twitter and other sites. I really appreciate all the feedback! I'll see you all at the next live stream on for all the Drawing action - and to enjoy these new emotes in chat!!

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