Sketchbook: A first glimpse at new 2019 emote updates in the works!

January 12, 2019

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While waiting on an edit to todays DRS Highlights post so it wont get blocked on youtube, I took some emotes I sketched out on the tablet this morning and threw some color mockups on them. I think there are some promising ones in this bunch. Which ones do you like? I'm working to update all of the sub and bttv emotes on the channel for the new year. Some current ones will stay as they are in line with the style im working to update the rest to. But heres some ideas i have early sketch mockups on so far. Looks like that edited DRS Highlight video has finished rendering/ saving out. Going to try and upload to ewYOUTUBE again. Look for that to go live this evening! 

Sketched on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 with spen and put together/ slapped some colors on in Inkscape on the PC. 

Update: 1/13/19 - I'm trying to push for new ideas and emotes that I haven't thought of before. Trying to come up with new versions of existing favorites as well as push for new and original combinations that would work really well. Heres where I've ended up for now. I've taken the emotes above, reworked a few and even added a bunch more. Now I have about 35 different emotes and want to keep pushing. An old graphics teacher of mine used to say thumbnail 100 ideas so that you work out all the cliches and start reaching for bold new and original ones. I dont know if I'll do 100 but im having fun with it. Maybe 50? Heres the 35 i have for now. Some obviously wont make it. Some will be saved for some other time. This whole exercise also does not include holiday related variations and items. This is simply exploring everyday use emotes on my twitch channel. I only have 3 sub emote spots and 25 bttv emote spots though. So obviously after I feel like I've explored all my options, I will pick the best ones to use finish. Some aren't great or practical but I want to hit all the corners.


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