Stream Notes: Updated Stream Info and Record Book and new 2019 additions

January 3, 2019

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Good ewMORNING campers! Just a quick check in on Day 3 of 2019! Getting the art from yesterday uploaded to you all and updating the Master List! The stream info under over at the channel page has been updated for this year! Heres some new additions.

Tier 1 subs continue to be all I ever expect! However, for going above and beyond: Tier 2 subs get a 5 minutes request added to the list every month they sub or resub. Tier 3 get a spin at the wheel of drawing to win a drawing request amount every time they sub/ resub. Theres also new Moobot enabled perks for subs going forward. 5x more luck on giveaways. Subs-only can post links and clips without permission.

Thank you to the committed crew men and women that keep this mill operating and peak sauce efficiency! You are the trew believers I want to reward the most!

I'm going to backtrack any tier 2/ tier 3 subs I didn't award these new perks to! So as it looks, it'll be a wheel spin for Traydes tier 3 sub, and a 5min sub request added for epelesker!

Donation and request rules were updated just so if there's ever an issue I can point to having it spelled out for all to see.

Fixed and added links to all the websites I use so you can follow me on all corners of the web. The EW YouTube is updated with at least one highlight, timelapse art or compilation video a week! Go subscribe!

The record books is back and nice and sexy formatted. Enjoy a few of the new notes added in it like top bit cheer, and the final top 10 supporters of 2018. 

This year we'll be incorporating upgrade inks and colors into drawing request show amongst the drawing requests. As i get one done i'll start on the next and so on. Upgrade orderers can expect to get one of their orders from their individual lists done each month give or take a week or two. As more get done this will lessen.

Thanks for a killer start to 2019 so far, and lets get over that first hump of the year! See you guys at high noon ET for more draws! 

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