Best Of Request Volume 3 Update 3919

March 9, 2019

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Update as of 3/9 930am:

Happy to update folks waiting on my new book, Best Of Request Volume 3! 

The total page count has been established, thought its subject to change. All the art that's going to be in the book has been laid out, and the page count currently including extra content after the art is about 210 pages. After finishing inserting the art this morning, I started to then scroll through the book and button up any missed border lines or spacing issues and I have to say, I am so proud of all the art in this book. Spread after spread is just saturated with sauce ( digital ink and shades ) and there's such a huge variety. I think volume 3 represents the boldest year of streaming and drawing for folks on Twitch yet. There's tons of experimentation with new styles, bold attempts in new directions and leveling up across the board on overall execution of the drawing requests. I think fans are going to love it. I'm really really happy with this collection. 

Next up is locking down the type copy and inserting it, as well as some extra curricular content in the back. There's also a cool intro that I will be finishing for the front as well. 
I'm officially calling it 75% done. Not a ton left to do. I might also celebrate the completion of production on the book by illustrating the cover live on Twitch soon! Please look forward to it! 

Update later that afternoon 3/9 130pm:

The entire book is built. The end of book content and the page count will be 214 interior pages. The next steps will be proofreading, editing, refining and any final tweaks and then to design and create the cover and get it to the printer! Thanks to all the crew for staying trew!

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