DRS 2019 Highlights Of The Week: Chefs, Dux and Socks

March 1, 2019

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As I've talked about on stream this week, I want to minimize the number of outside projects I have to juggle outside of the stream and the work it generates. So in an effort to do that, I am continuing to not take on any outside-of-stream work, or extra inhouse projects like designing new merch or original art to sell. Right now, I have more work than I can handle with drawing requests and upgraded commissions for folks on stream. I also am trying to fit production on the new book, Best of Request Volume 3 to get it out this spring, and a family obligation that I probably should not have taken on but none the less must finish. I'm hoping to have the family project done in the coming week. Anyways back to my point.

The previous DRS 2019 highlight video edits were fun but very time consuming and constantly riddled with copyright issues from youtube in terms of music i used in the videos and dealing with them being blocked after having spent hours making them, a good hour or two saving it out and a good hour or two more uploading and waiting for them to be processed.

To continue my efforts for more focus on just the stream work, I am not making those full edits anymore. Instead I think a daily highlight or a couple highlights from the week cropped out of a given stream and exported to YouTube should work just as well. Important stream goof or discussion moments, and especially requests that I deem worthy to stick up on youtube. At the end of the week I'll post like I am now, and feature those highlights in one post. This will take much less time and still serve to keep new content on ewYouTube for general viewing! I also generally plan to upload sketchbook and other free time art recordings as well as process videos as bonuses every now and then.

Enjoy these clips from this week, and I hope those who enjoyed the episodic format will understand the change. That way when I am working, I can just worry about the stream work. When I'm not working, I'm having quality time with the wife, family, myself and general mental health balance. Enjoy and see you guys same drawing time, same drawing channel, over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb ( 12pmEST weekdays )

Full drawing, inking and coloring request  of a gnome-like chef from 22519

A request of a furniture based town from 22719

A fan art request of Dux from a video game series from 22819

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