Stream Art: Thanks For A Sauce-ome Week

March 21, 2019

#drawing #streaming #twitch #creative #troll #town #alien #monster #kids #pilots 

Thanks for a great week of drawing, inking and coloring requests for the TRew believers! Its not over yet, but I wanted to show off a few of the pieces that got us over that hump this week. Thanks for all the support, fandom and encouragement. I continue to learn new things, push my drawings in new directions and constantly work to level up. I could not do this drawing dream with out every single member of the CRew and I appreciate all the things they make possible for me, Kristina and our life. 
Just felt compelled to show off some of these awesome requests from Wednesday, and invite you to come out see this stuff happen first hand, M-F on - look forward to having you!

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