DailyDiscipline: 80s Van - Morning Warmup / Practice

April 30, 2019

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Started off this Tuesday morning by taking a few minutes for myself and just drawing/ practicing whatever I felt like. I thought it would be fun this week to start from the subject of '80s cars'. I don't draw cars from my own imagination too often and thought it'd be fun to pull from the aesthetics I know and am influenced by the best, the 80s and see if I cant come up with a different car each day based on that general idea. I'm not using reference or anything, but I had an 80s pickup in highschool and generally remember the look of 80s cars with their big fenders, boxy bodys and other unnecessary design aesthetics. The 80s was a time when vans were vans, not crossovers and aerodynamic kid carriers. So, I had this van in mind for a bit which sort of inspired the theme this week. Its somewhere between a toyota mid-body engine van to a volkswagen van or some mitsubishi model. I missed doing one yesterday, but look for a few more to pop up each day this week. Maybe a sports car, a hatchback and finally a pickup. The definitive boxy, fender-flare rocking, plastic body kit rocking 80s cars. 

It's fun to stick to a single topic each week when doing your daily warm ups and practice discipline. Gives you a direction and theme to build on. Sometimes a restrictive theme or rule for a series of drawings spawns the most creativity. Feel free to draw this theme with me and share yours in the comments below or on Twitter/ Facebook!

 Have a good Tuesday! Guess I should get to the work that pays now! 

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