ewYOUTUBE: 5min Drawing Lessons - 03 - Square Peg

April 14, 2019

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This installment of this YouTube exclusive series from Eryck Webb Graphics focuses on a square lady named Peg.

Suggestions have been made for 'narration' and 'explanation' voiceover for the drawing. But I believe if you mimic the structural lines and shapes, and then draw over them on a new layer or with a darker pen like you see in these videos, you will develop muscle memory and eventual understanding that can apply to almost any object you draw in the future. And always, the key to this is repetition and regular practice! You don't need me blabbing over the video telling you what you are already seeing and copying. The whys and whats will become clear the more you practice. Now get drawing!!

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Music by Fascinating Earthbound Obje

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Check out the new 5min Lesson on ewYOUTUBE now!

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