Best of Request Volume 3 Pre-Order Half Over!

May 2, 2019

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Best of Request Volume 3
Digest size
500+ handpicked best drawings from 2018
200+ pages of reading, drawings and content
$10 off every book for the PreOrder ( essentialy sketching/signing and including an exclusive bookmark for free )
Only two weeks left to get in on the special offer!

If you like artbooks/ sketchbooks and want a lot more drawing and book for your money. I invite you to grab one of my Best of Request volumes. They are full of 500-800 of my best drawings from the given year it covers, contains insight and notes on the stream year and record book and overall yearbook of that years peripheral content and more! We're approaching the end of the two week pre order i've done in the past, and the response has been great, thank you to everyone who has grabbed a book. But I'm pushing hard cause every year there's always a handful of people who didn't know it was a thing or missed it. So this year we've got another two weeks left to get it! The preorder special saves you 10 bucks, giving you the sketch/signature and bookmark basically for free and you can even get all three volumes for that price, with a free sketch and signature in each during the Pre-Order. Thank you to everyone who requests drawings, or inspires my random stream drawings, and i hope you enjoy the books!

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