ewTWITCH: Stream Updates and see the Crew at 1pmET today!!!

June 11, 2019

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See the CRew 1pm Eastern Time for Drawing Request Show! We'll be doing Drawing Requests only all day! A couple updates the CRew can expect starting today is:

1.) No Giveaway wheels - when we hit one of 3 main stream goals we'll unlock a Next Drawing Of the Stream giveaway giving a lucky winner immediate priority. 
2.) No cooldown removed for donation amounts anymore. This became a problem and is no longer applicable. Every dollar to support the stream and EWG is amazing, but if you choose to go above and beyond thank you very much! However we can no longer remove cooldowns or give special treatment. But feel free to add a few Quantums to the list! You can have another after a cool down of two other requests!
3.) Though Eryck prefers, one character per request, if you choose for 'all that you can fit into the time' allotted, Eryck will do his best. But from now on what does not fit will be left where it is. Of course Eryck reserves exceptions. Use a future request to add to your sketch. That's the best way.
4.) Once the book orders are processed and shipped, upgrades will resume in the A.M. before DRS, and will mostly be done offline except for the occasional morning stream. Thanks for your patience while Eryck and Kiwi get all the books to their happy owners!!

Thank you again for all the things you guys enable and make possible in our lives, and we'll continue to work hard to draw and stream the best that we can!

See you at 1pm ( about 2 hours ) for Drawing Request Show!

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