ewTWITCH: Thank Yew for A Fun Friday Stream!

June 7, 2019

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Thank you for a great day and week! We participated in Maddys 'Draw This In Your Style' with a cute nature goddess inspired by spring. We also inked a wicked headshot for coco and drew some requests that I feel leveled up my ink sketch style a couple notches. Very sorry the Twitch Chat broke right at the end, whispers too. Its global every stream I look at has the same problem. But stream was ending anyway. Thank you for everything! Thanks for coming out, watching, enjoying the stream and geeking out over the draws. Means a lot and keeps me encouraged to keep drawing and streaming! We'll get to every request eventually. We always do. [ Literally, 4 years in... no matter how long it gets we always get to the bottom over time... ALWAYS. ] I appreciate the patience, and the community spirit. Come out enjoy the stream first, don't stress about the wait or 'fate permitting' moments ... I am working hard, especially off stream, to get to everyone. If you are in a hurry, use Tokens, that's what they are for. Occasionally we have individuals who are working on a project, and need daily progress. And the way I always tell people who are in a hurry, is come out, put down tokens and get what you need. I don't take outside of stream commissions for the most part, so this is what I advise potential clients anyways. Thanks and happy to help those who do. Most of the time we slide along amongst multiple people no problem though. But I know I don't gotta tell the CRew this. Keep being Yew and have a good and safe weekend. See you next time, same drawing time same drawing channel, only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

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