ewTWITCH: Thanks for a Thoroughly Fun Thursday!

June 13, 2019

#twitch #stream #drawing #coloring

Thank you for a thoroughly fun and interesting thursday stream! We colored a massive ring world illustration for Transparent, we investigated some technical tinkering with Fooray and drew a healthy handful of drawing requests! Everything from super heroes, emotional family scenes to dressing ladies ( oo la la ).

As announced earlier today in post form and on stream, all the Pre Orders of Best of Request Volume 3 are now in shipping mode. Kiwii finished getting all the international orders out and the U.S. orders are next and should go out over the weekend! I cant wait for everyone to finally have their books and to see/ hear what everyone thinks. I've been very tight lidded on the extra goodies and the sketches themselves. I encourage the CRew to feel free to share what draws you got. Its kind of like one of those mystery boxes. Only if you want to of course cause I understand the wanting to enjoy it for yourself notion.

Thank you to everyone who encourages me, supports me and my family and makes my growth as an artist, my making a living as a doodle monkey and the ability to put my creations out in the world in the form of books and merch designs. Its amazing that I'm able to do all of this and it would not be possible without you guys.

To all the TRew believers, thank you for everything.

See you all tomorrow for more Drawing Request Show, 1pm Eastern Time , only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

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