My new book, 'Ten: A True Story' has LAUNCHED

January 15, 2020

My new book, 'Ten: A True Story' just launched LIVE on Twitch! Preorder runs for the next 3 weeks! Add your copy to the print order! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Grab a copy:

From the back cover: "What began as an occasional side gig for extra pizza and beer money in college became so much more. Since 2009, Eryck Webb Graphics (EWG) has evolved into the internet-based commission art business that it is today. On stream and off, EWG has drawn and designed thousands of original works for hundreds of international and domestic clients. You’ve seen the drawings. You’ve watched the show. Now read the untold true story of how Eryck Webb turned obstacles into opportunities to create a thriving art business. This book features EWG’s best artworks from each year, as well as behind the scenes photos and buckets of extra sauce!"

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