Best Of Request Volume 4 Production Begins! Coming Soon!

February 10, 2020

Officially setup the layout file and changed the volume and year numbers.... it begins!

But before I can get any work done placing art on the pages, I have to sort through 1,600+ images and weed out the 'not as much of a fan' ones and the random silly sketches and the stray other files that dont apply and whittle it down to a nice, quality number of the best drawings from the year that will fit into the book! 

I'm already considering making this volume 300 pages total. Theres just so many good drawings from 2019!! And I want as many as possible to be full page or double spread huge so all the sauce is visible!!

We'll see how it ends up though! LOL. But I'm excited to be able to say the file processing and the preliminaries are almost complete and the book is officially in production!!! Slated for a 2nd Quarter release!!! Stay tuned to this website for updates along the way!!! Regardless of how well it sells, I'm determind to make this the best, and most sauciest drawing collection I've created yet!!! 

As production begins on the collection from year 4 ( 2019 ) of my request stream, be sure to check out year 5, drawing right now live over at weekdays!!! 

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