Sketchbook: Inkscape Warmup - Automatic Drawing Machine Sketch

February 13, 2020

#drawing #warmup #sketch #automaticdrawing #clearmind #creativeflow

A way I like to warmup/ practice/ doodle. Just clear your mind and start drawing shapes, in relatively accurate perspective/ angles that all connect together, but in the spirit of mindless doodle/ drawing, just draw whatever comes to mind, even if it turns into a robot face, a factory, tubes squares whatever. For fun if you want apply a little shading. Everytime I doodle this way something different comes out. I call them 'mechanical heads' cause they always center around some sort of abstract head or face. This one looks like some kinda of strange alien powerplant or something. Perhaps '
The Mill' in another dimension? Who knows. Some warmup action before working on emotes today.

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