Thanks For A Fun Friday Drawing Stream And A Fun Week!

March 13, 2020

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Thank you for a fun stream week! The sauce was throwing down smooth, and the requests were all super fun! We ended the week with Free Request Friday - where people could jump on a list in order of first-come-first-serve and get a free 5 minute drawing request! Here's the batch of requests we drew today!! We will definitely do it again, it went really well, was a lot of fun and a hit with the chat! All art sent, and masterlist updated!!

Over the weekend, look for the Wonder Woman drawing, inks and colors piece from several days ago to to upload to ewYOUTUBE, and for my latest book 'Ten: A True Story' to become available again in the store in ongoing print and digital form!! 

I'll see you guys next Monday, 10am Eastern Time ... same drawing time, same drawing channel!!!

Be safe have a great weekend!

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