Daily Discipline: Prodigy Practice In Clip Studio

April 30, 2020

#girl #kid #character #clipstudio #wacom

Heres a character I haven't drawn in years. This is my original character Annie the little prodigy. Shes a little girl who's enhanced enough to wrestle tanks. I drew this while practicing/ learning Clip Studio. I did a sketch before this below and practiced my coloring work flow and adapting how I'd usualy do it in Photoshop for doing it in Clip Studio

Got lots of learning and such to do but I definitely think Clip Studio, could be a great upgradse from the Photoshop I currently use. Cause I can use it on my desktop PC, and on my mobile tablet PC and the better I get with the program the more seemlessly I can go between the two. 

Thats the thought anyway, see folks tomorrow for some Upgrade streaming - I'm going to attempt to work on upgrades in ClipStudio all day to get better and learn it. 

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