Daily Sketch: Dry Bones Warmup Drawing and Video

May 14, 2020

#drybones #mario #baddies #turtle #skeleton #drawing #warmup #sketch

Getting started on some in-house projects today off stream! But before I do I wanted to warm-up with a Dry Bones from the Mario Nintendo games in my style. Kiwii and I were playing Mario Party 9 last night and we had played against Dry Bones who was a mid way boss. Good warm up, always fun drawing the Mario Baddies they're just all so cleverly and well designed. In general lately I've really enjoyed flexing my own takes on Mario baddies, Looney Tunes, Disney Cartoons and Hanna Barbara characters.
Check out this drawing from start to finish on my YouTube channel! 

Alrighty, have a great Thursday! Off to the work that pays!

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