Thank You For A Badass Friday Stream!

May 22, 2020

Tshirt graphic request for SoulBound Leather - get it colored up ready for Ts next week!

Epic colorrequest for GordanHammer in a pic of him versus BobCrum

Last drawing of the day and week for GrumpyBeard free reign style

Warmup today making shapes and turning them into faces and the existing faces dictate the shape of the faces i'm fitting inbetween. Some chatters in here as well.

A zombie raccoon drawing request for MissRoMayo soon to be colored ( Thanks Trayde! )

A sexy Bearded Bullet lookin back atcha.

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Thank you so much to all the CRew who came out and made the last Drawing stream before a long Memorial Day weekend a memorable one!! We goofed around, there was a lot of tips, hype and laughs. All art is sent! I posted a few highlights from today above! I'll get the masterlist updated by next stream! I'm enjoying an extended weekend off and will be back Wednesday 10amEDT to Drawing requests!! I'm going to do my best to stay off stream and jut take a break from request/ commission work in general. I look forward to lots of time outside, going out for drives and enjoying this beautiful time of year with Kiwi and keeping up the drawing practice in my sketchbook. Digitally I want to make some progress on my Fox Owl Society prompt for this month, if not finish it, as well as work on emote updates for stream!

Thank you to all the CRew, for your hard work in the mill. Hang those hats with pride. Every single one of you make a huge difference in me and Kiwi's life. Thanks for being TREW believers!

Be safe, see you soon!

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