Thanks for a fun Monday stream!

May 18, 2020

Cat girl ready to pounce for DJPhoenix
Femme fury with a big ass blade for Trayde

A fun warmup inspired by a ghost cartoon I saw on MrBobCrum's stream

An awesome free reign jam on one of CocoKicks characters -- too fun!

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Thank you to the CRew and all of yew for a fun Monday Drawing Request Show!!! I was worn out from a fun weekend away from work but I still feel like I hit the mark on my drawing! Big thanks to Trayde for being top D of the day, and big congrats to the 4 giveaway winners today! Look forward to drawing for you again!

Heres a few favorites from today above and I look forward to seeing everyone back Wednesday 10amEDT for all the drawing action!! I'll be hard at work knocking out more upgrades till then! 
See you next Drawing stream, only on twitch! 

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