Thanks for a fun Thursday stream!

May 21, 2020

Logo brand upgrade request for suite for Dead4Sure gaming

Upgrade request for Hairfoot of his elemental Earthfoot character

DJPhoenix ( yep thats spelled right ) chillin against a wall request

Gordan Hammer logo upgrade request finished up

A marching chain gang hauling stuff for their captor, drawing request for Trayde

Last drawing of the stream is a request for a samurai monkey

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Thanks for a fun Thursday stream! To celebrate getting through all the Ultra priority upgrades on the upgrade list, and because of the amazing support yesterday and accumulating several giveaway winners at the end of stream, I was inspired to do a bonus Thursday stream. The primary goal was to focus on working on Upgrades, and every-time I finished one I did a drawing requests off the list before going onto the next one. I got 3 drawing requests done and 3 upgrades done. We're inching closer to 30 upgrades total left on the list. All art sent! Check your whispers! See the CRew tomorrow 10amEDT for Drawing Requests only! We still got some sauce to sling before the long weekend! I won't be back till Wednesday after memorial day. See the CRew back at the mill in the morning!!

There's a new drawing video on YouTube I posted this morning.

And I'll be back on stream drawing for viewers and supporters live on Twitch tomorrow, 10amEDT!

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