Thank You For A Fun Friday Stream!

May 15, 2020

Warmup fanart drawing of Underdog combining the cartoon and liveaction versions

Color request UChewie of a chef wookie

Last drawing of the stream for KatBox, I liked it so much I did another pass in Inks after stream

Scene request for Trayde, was fun orchestrating the dramatic moment

Super Mogwai for AdventurousAPril

Epic 'Veteran' battle bot piece I drew with no preliminaries. Everything you see I drew from the first line to finish. I can only really do this 'Kim Jung Gi' style when I'm warmed up/ creatively flowing good enough.

Nessy's science girl building a cat robot with her pet dog so happy about it
Based on word prompts 'Pig riding a pickle' for WebProv
Based on a conversation on MightyMae's stream that I hosted after my stream. Making an angler fish cute.

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Thanks for a fun Friday stream! The stream got polished up in time for today with some new content, we released the new 2020 half year clip and highlight reel, and drew a lot of super fun requests! Above is a few highlights from today's Drawing Request Show stream!

I was under the hood on some of my OBS scenes all week and got it all bolted back together in time for today. Despite hitting a wrong key and crashing my music app and then having to trouble shoot recovering it on stream, the stream looked polished and ran smooth with no other hiccups. One new bit of content we experimented with today was a segment called 'ewCOLLAB'. This is where I utilize the ewDoodleCam to draw over-top another art streamer and 'collaborate' on their work that they're working on. Of course mine comes out worse than theirs, and its meant as a funny thing not bullying or trollish. Positive/ humorous troll? MightyMae was my first try out of this content. She enjoyed the troll collab.

There were so many good clips snagged by the Crew this year so far. So I finally made a compilation of all the best ones so far. To think we still have half a year more to look forward to adding. We watched it on stream for the first time today and it was well received by all! Look for that to post to YouTube over the weekend. Subscribe to my EWYOUTUBE channel for weekly drawing videos, whether they are original to YOUTUBE only or highlights from stream!

Thanks to everyone for the fun requests, and hype and encouragement. I said it before but I will say it again. Thank you for supporting me, and enabling so many things in me and Kiwiis lives. From food to eat, to a roof over our head, and encouragement to keep learning, and practicing and take my drawing as far as I can go. You guys enable me to actually make time every week and dedicate days to working on many off-stream projects that I've been putting off for so long. To original comic stories that I plan to eventually collect into volumes, to original YouTube content, and my own artistic experimentation in both digital and traditional mediums.

Current projects in the works are new emotes for the stream, and finishing Best of Request Volume 4 that has been delayed a bit from the pandemic. I've resolved to finish it and publish it digitally for the time being. Look for that to release this month. I also want to join in on the OwlFox art jam going on with SaraBurnsStudios and MightyMae, their theme this mont is 'Soft' and 'Bright. I want to do a large rendered piece that takes as long as it takes with no timers. I think I'll start playing with it this weekend.

For the first time I'm able to say we are approaching the 30s in the amount of Upgrade orders I have left and it feels so good. since 2017 I have not been able to say there were 30 upgrade commission orders or less at any given time. Starting in the 90s about a month or so ago and now 2/3rds of the way through the backlog, we will celebrate when they are all done, in some huge amazing way. I don't even know how yet, but we're definitely going to do it.

Thanks to all the hat wearing CRew, who keep this Drawing Mill running so good, and I will continue to do the best job I can drawing and streaming and making your interest and enthusiasm and support worth it!

Have a fantastic weekend and see you guys Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week for more Drawing Request Show!!!

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