YouTube: 15min Chilling Robot Drawing In Inkscape

June 4, 2020

#robot #drawing #inkscape #wacom #warmup #dailypractice

Before getting to the work that pays today, I did this '15 Minute Chilling Robot Drawing In Real Time' and uploaded it to You Tube so you can see the process, for those who enjoy that kind of thing!

Its not elapsed, but this was drawn in about 18 minutes and then edited to about 15 in real time.

Click this link: or the image above to view the video on YouTube!

Thanks for looking!! And if you like my drawings, I'm launching a new book tomorrow 'Best of Request Volume 4, including 300 pages of my best black and white drawings from the 2019 drawing stream year! Not including the intro pages or outro pages. Join us 10amEDT at for the live launch!! 

Starting tomorrow it'll be available in my shop! 

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Music by Kielobot

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