Notebook: Not streaming today

February 5, 2021

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I've been battling a headache, the last day or two. I had it trying to come on all week but yesterday over night it finaly caught up with me. I've been trying everything, hot, cold, allergy medicine, hydration more potassium. I even burnt the bridge of my nose again on a heatpad yesterday accidently, guess it was too hot for the thin skin on my nose.

I very much wanted to come back get on stream and draw and chat with the CREW today, but I am going to opt to not stream today. I am going to continue to rest, medicate this headache and get 100% so I can come back Monday 100% ready to go. Thank you for everyones patience and understanding. I will be working on upgrades and keeping up my drawing practice off stream. Even just started a brand new sketchbook yesterday to keep practice/ playing in. I will be working to be 100% by Monday and rid of this headache. Its nothing new, I get them all the time. I go through a period of time where I have it managed then a period comes up where I did one thing wrong or all the conditions were right or something and I have to battle it back again. 

I plan on getting lots of upgrade work done today off stream, I just would not be any fun to be on stream today. That way too if I need to stop take a nap or do something I can. 

Have a great Friday and weekend, be safe and I'll catch you guys Monday and I'll draw your faces off then. See you soon!

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