Personal Work: Elemental Dinosaurs

February 6, 2021


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Had fun drawing 4 elemental dinos for the OwlFox Society prompt put together by @TheMightyMae and @SarahB_Studio for February. This is as far as I'm taking them, were a lot of fun to play with! It was nice to get that itch to play with this prompt and get creative with it. 

I did a Brontosaurus for the 'air' dinosaur. Cause its the biggest and its head is always up in the clouds! So I enjoyed the contradiction and also the fact that they're 'above' all other dinos. 

I did a Triceratops for earth, cause they are the heavy low to the ground tanks of the dinosaur world. I could see him very chunky rock and earth like, growing moss, algae and vegetation on him. Causing earthquakes everywhere he runs to. 

I did the Mosasaur for water, cause its a literal whale ancestor that still looks like a wicked prehistoric alligator. I thought it would be fun to take this ridged toothy predator and turn him into a slick water drop splashy creature.

I did a Stegosaurus because the plates on its back made me think of flames and I had already thought about a T-Rex with a ghost-rider flaming head but took that and used it on the Stegosaurus. Then the scales and body became charcoal-style and the whole thing became on fire. Wicked!

Thanks for the inspiration MightyMae and SarahBurns ! 

Original first sketch concepts

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