Back In Fighting Form

June 26, 2021


#drawing #righthanded #robot #girl #armwrestler #truck #inkscape #sketch

After spending a few hours today, on a Saturday, getting some extra upgrade ink/ color commission work done, I worked offline on tweaking/ setting up my apps and physical setup to be back in lean mean fighting form. No more wires, no more this that or the other thing. Reinstalled some drivers, refreshed my art apps, and sketched this girly out once everything was good to go. Sometimes we get distracted, diverted or wander in directions we haven't considered in the past, then somewhre, sometimes, we find that we really yurn to stay on what we were on, using what we were using, and the familiar feels more solid than ever when you get there. Years of muscle memory confirm this, the less is more of what you were doing and using compared to what you've tried comforts you. And the anticipation of the rocking to come excites you. 

This week I'll be streaming M, W, F working on Drawing Requests sketches for the chat. T, TH will be devoted to upgrade inks colors on commissions folks deem worthy of taking beyond a simple sketch. 

See you soon! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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