HairFighters: Nostrildamus

June 29, 2022

First to arrive to the HairFighters tournament of champions: 'Nostrildamus the Abstained'. He devoted himself to strengthening the body God gave him ( especially the superhuman nose hairs ) and to upholding and embodying his faith. Abstaining from any material human-entrapments or sinful passions. His brothers recognized his talent and strength and supported his entry into the International HairFighters tourney. What better platform to raise awareness of their God, spread the faith and promote support for their goodwill missions. Who dares contend with the righteousness of these holy nose hairs, on a mission from God?

'HairFighters' is a character design project created for fun and practice in my free time. Any similarity to people, places or existing creative properties is purely coincidental. The general premise I'm working from is that in this world, hair can be a unique and superhuman quality in different ways amongst select special individuals. What walks of life do these individuals originate? What occupations or life styles to they incorporate into their hair fighting styles. What hair on their body are they fighting with? Are they firefighters, monks, chefs, digital artists, gamers, mailmen, military? What country is each character from? The shape and design possibilities are only limited by my imagination and my interest in this concept.

Sometimes its fun to harness a theme like this and play with it in ones free time to practice/ play/ experiment till it runs out of inspired steam. Also the puns are fun.

Stick around for more entries in the HairFighter tournament to come! And thanks for looking/ reading!

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