Happy Ground Hog Day 2024 - Warmup Drawing

February 2, 2024


Digital colors over sketch

Original black and white scan, with some orange colored pencil still visible underneath 

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Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this morning, so spring is coming early! I know its a silly tradition and no baring on what will actually happen, but its fun. The world needs more silly traditions just for the fun of it. And I for one am looking forward to a short and easy winter. Spring - Fall my favorite time of year, especially here in the tropics of Pennsylvania. 

This is a fun warmup in my sketchbook scanned onto the computer and digitally colored in ClipStudioPaint. I used a brushpen and ballpoint pens to draw it, with some inkwash for tones and texture. Then my Wacom Intuos Pro M and ClipStudioPaint to color it in. 

Onto the work that pays!

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