$20 Dollar Slots Are Back

August 30, 2012

My Spidey Sampler is tingling!

$20 Slot Commissions are back! - Get a waste-up rendition of your original character or fan character (from any existing comic, animation or video game) for $20. This sampler of spidey shows what you'll get with the new style of $20 commissions, available all September long!

  • Check the Deviant Art journal for availability, as well as twitter/facebook for announcements of available slots. 
  • You wil receive some originaly drawn and colored art by Eryck Webb for only $20 on the day of the slot you purchase. 
  • Buy several, if theres no more slots on a given week, you'll be put on thet next available week. 
  • Paypal 21.00 to eryckwebb3@yahoo.com or just 20.00 and pay the paypal fee. 
  • Existing picture references only, no written descriptions or character designs. 
  • DA Journal: eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com/journal

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